5 Types of Logos that Work Well with Different Industries

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Different industries and organizations call for different kinds of logos, the kind of logo that you are using for a catering business will not necessarily work for solar industry too. There are different kind of logos and each kind has some type of association with the industry. In order to have the perfect link with the branding, it is important to know that you have the right kind of association with the logo. The poorly made logo can hurt your branding in the long run, when your logo does not offer something extra ordinary, your audience is more likely to forget it and does not remember it at all. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough research before finalizing a logo, your company logo can make or break your business, do not compromise on it. Apart from this, it is said, a company logo is a face of the company, and you want your face to be a true representation of your business and brand.

Knowing what type of logo is perfect for you is the most important part of the whole logo design process. There are different types of logo, and each logo has some association with the industry. Following are a few types of logo, read about them and see which one goes with your brand the best.

1. Monogram Logos

In case your organization name is not too short, and you can get it done by monogram it is the best way to go for it. The more you explore the monogram logo, the more you will enjoy doing it. These kinds of logo contain maximum four letter and mostly the company’s initials are used in the logo. It can be used instead of using a traditional symbol that would just turn the whole identity of the organization into something very attractive visual. You can make your initial the main part of your logo, and make sure they are both legible and memorable as well. If you are a new brand who is just starting out, go for the full company name under the logo that will help you build recognition in the market.

2. Combination Logos

This is one another kind of the logos most organization are appreciating in the market these days. One of the reasons why brands are going for combinations logos is because it gives the designers an opportunity to use two different kinds of designs in just one logo. The wordmark along with the letter mark with symbols are also called combination logo. It is one of the most common designs of logo because of the flexibility it provides. You can use multiple symbols entirely on its own for example in profile pictures of your social media pages and favicons as well, or you can just use the letter mark or word mark, whenever you need. When you use a combination logo, a symbol appears beside, below, inside or on the top of the text as well. It further represents the letter in a company name.

3. Brand mark and Pictorial Logo

It is a standalone symbol or image; the overall mark can be pictorial which represents a real-life object or even an abstract shape. This is the kind of logo that does not include the name of the company and it is kind of a big risk for a new business owner that wants its name to be obvious. Other than this, brandmark logos are also perfect for the brand that already is a brand recognition in the market. You give yourself a considerable time before coming up with the name of the company, the type of logo that you are going for, deserves the same kind of dedication and consideration. Does your logo reflect your company? What does it actually say about your company? Is it emotional? Can people connect to it or not?

4. Emblem Logo

This is one of the oldest form of logo, the logo of the ancient times. All the emblem logo elements include text of vintage style inside a container. You can think of seals, crests and badge that give of a perfect emblem logo look. They are treated as a cohesive image rather than the typography. You can further communicate finesse, prestige through these logo as they are linked with the different kinds of brand having a long history. However, these logos are less versatile, particularly for online usages. Emblem logos are intricate and delicate so you cannot really shrink them down whenever you want to or for any other purpose.

5. Mascot Logos

These are the cutest forms of the logos, however not just limited to the brands for children only. These logos include an illustrated character that works as a brand ambassador for that organization. These kinds of logos are often both friendly and fun and audience connect with the brand on the personal level. Due to its engaging nature, these logos are usually found in children’s brands such as Tony from Tiger to Tucan Sam and Kellog’s characters as well. Different service brands like food brands and sport brands use mascot logos, however lately there have been different tech brands and application brands taking on Mascots to bring human impact to the brand.

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